Economic Growth and Development

Africa's GDP growth could reach 7 Percent in 2011
Africa's GDP growth could reach 7 Percent in 2011
According to African Development Bank Africa's real gross domestic product growth could reach about 7 percent in 2011 from a forecast of about 5.5 percent growth for 2010

Cameroon’s National Park Will Protect Biodiversity and Boost Development
Mount Cameroon has been designated a national park by the Cameroon government environmental protection agency

Finance and Investment

Liberia on track for HIPC debt relief this year-IMF
Liberia is on track to clear much of its remaining $1.7 billion in foreign debt under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries initiative by the end of this year, an IMF official said on Tuesday

World Bank Activities
The World Bank president Robert Bruce Zoellick voiced his satisfaction at the actions taken by African governments to deal with the global economic crisis during his visit he said

World Bank Re-Assures African Leaders
African leaders at the recently completed bi-annual summit meeting in Addis Ababa received reassurances from the President of the World Bank Group of continued support to the initiatives proposed y the African leaders to stimulate their economies and position Africa to take advantage of a rebound in global investment and trade

Politics and Governance

Political Tension in Côte d'Ivoire
Political tension in Côte d'Ivoire after the dissolution of the Government and the independent electoral authority has lessened

Dialogue Between President Kagame and President Sarkozy in Rwanda;
President Nicolas Sarkozy of France during his recent visit to Rwanda said that those who participated in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi should be hunted down and punished

US Reacts To Sudan-Darfur Rebel Deal
The United States hailed a ceasefire deal between Sudan and Darfur rebels in the west as a "significant move" and a key first step towards reducing violence


Egyptian Firm Will Invest $150 million In East African Rail
The Egyptian firm Citadel Capital plans to invest 150 million dollars (111 million Euros) over five years to improve the railway line from Kenya to Uganda

Ghana to Fast-Track Investments in Necessary Infrastructure
President John Atta Mills said Ghana will fast-track construction of a deep sea oil port and revamp a major rail link in 2010 to help exploit its energy and minerals

Nigerian Ports Authority Committed to Olokola Deep Seaport
The Managing Director, Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), Alhaji Abdulsalam Muhammed, has commended the Ogun State government for its efforts in ensuring that the Olokola deep seaport project takes full course soon while reaffirming his agency ‘s commitment to the implementation of all existing agreements signed by partners in the project

Bio Fuel In Namibia
Large area of land, about 26 hectares is unusable due to bush invasive infestations in the country. This has led to

Sierra Leone's Hydro-power Dam Now Produces 50 Megawatts of Electricity
Sierra Leone's first hydro-power dam was switched on in November 2009. It now produces 50 megawatts of electricity, sending regular power to most parts of the capital, Freetown

New Belgian Airlines For Democratic Republic of Congo
Belgian carrier Brussels Airlines will launch a new regional African airline in the Democratic Republic of Congo this year


Britain Donated $90 Million Dollars to The Democratic Republic of Congo
Britain will give about 90 million dollars (66 million Euros) in aid to the Democratic Republic of Congo to help rebuild

Serena Williams Plans to Build More Schools in Africa
Serena Williams, US tennis champ plans to help build one new school every year in parts of Africa where education is beyond reach to most children

African Flags Will Be On A Tourist Space Trip
A 28 yr old Dubai-based businessman who has signed up to be a space tourist said Tuesday he planned to fly the flags of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda on his out-of-world journey in honor of his childhood in Africa

Food Security

African Countries Fight Banana Disease
Seven African countries will unite to launch a surveillance program in the war against deadly banana Xanthomonas wilt disease (BXW) and the banana bunchy top disease (BBTD)